Internet-based Patient Self-care: The Next Generation of Health Care Delivery (5)

Time to "‘Byte’ the Bullet"

The eHealth care train has not only left the station but is rapidly moving down the track carrying tens of millions of e-patients and many possibilities for transforming patient self-management, improving health outcomes, and enhancing the patient-clinician relationship. The United States health care system must embrace the e-revolution by exploring and taking advantage of the potential benefits of this revolution for improving quality of care. To pursue this goal, rigorous research must explore ways to use e-technology for improving patients' medical self-management, health-related behavior, health outcomes, and relationships with health care practitioners.
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The full citation for the original article we excerpted is as follows:
Forkner-Dunn J
Internet-based Patient Self-care: The Next Generation of Health Care Delivery
J Med Internet Res 2003;5(2):e8

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