All About Falls:
Causes, Prevention, and What to Do If It Happens (2)


The good news is that many falls can be prevented. They are caused by a number of factors; addressing some or all of these can dramatically lower one’s chances of a bad fall. Steps that one can take to reduce the chances of falling include: making your home safer, checking your vision, and starting a regular exercise regimen.
The outside world can be a dangerous place, yet about half of all falls happen at home. To make your place a home safe home, try following these rules of thumb:
  • When using a ladder, have someone hold the bottom; avoid standing on the top rung.
  • Keep often-used items in cabinets and bookcases that are reachable without needing a stool or ladder.
  • Remove things you can trip over from stairs and places you walk.
  • Avoid small movable rugs that may slip and slide.
  • Have bars/handrails installed on stairways and in tub/shower/toilet areas.
  • Place non-slip rubber mats on tub/shower floors.
  • Improve the lighting throughout the house.
  • Wear shoes with proper support and non-slip soles if possible.
  • Subscribe to a medical alarm service, so that if you fall and can’t reach a phone, you can still summon help.

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