All About Falls:
Causes, Prevention, and What to Do If It Happens (4)


If you fall and are badly injured, yet are still able to get to a telephone, in most cases it is safest to dial 911 and/or someone you know who can take you to a doctor or emergency room. Even if there appears to be little or no injury, seniors are well advised to call their health care provider or emergency number right away after a bad fall, since any potential damage may not be immediately apparent. Note that head injuries in particular can be very serious.
Another consideration: a fall may be a symptom of a serious illness. If your health professional examines you, don’t be surprised if they order x-rays or other tests, if needed.  Again, this is to be on the safe side, and is for your own protection. Tell your doctor if you think one or more of the medicines you are taking seem to be affecting your balance or causing dizziness.
Lastly, we must consider cases where someone is injured at home and cannot get to a phone. For seniors living alone, the increased odds of a fall means a medical alarm system is a vital step to ensure protection. Just as we use medical insurance to protect our health and assets, a medical alarm system acts as a kind of additional insurance when something happens (like a fall) that could be life-threatening when a phone is out of reach. Life Alert provides this protection; subscribers to Life Alert’s service wear a small pendant which, when pressed, can summon help 24/7 if something happens to you and a phone call cannot be made. See the Life Alert website for more details.


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Note: this article is not meant to be taken as professional medical advice, nor is it a recommendation for treatment of any specific conditions; please consult your doctor or health care provider.

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